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USB Keylogger for Parents

USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for Parents
USB Keylogger for ParentsUSB Keylogger for Parents
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Item# A2L-KLU
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Automatically record everything your child types for safety and security.

Compatible with all USB keyboards.

Works with ALL wired USB keyboards and can be installed in under a minute, with no experience necessary. The 4MB Keylogger is completely undetectable by any antivirus or antispy program and it's 2MB memory holds about a year's worth of typing.

  • 4MB memory stores about 2000 pages of typing.
  • 64bit Encryption to protect sensitive data
  • Absolutely no software is required and the 4MB Keylogger is completely invisible to any software.
  • Can record ALL keystrokes (easily select from two levels of recording)
  • Compatible with ALL known wired USB keyboards (not Mac compatible).
  • Instant access to the recorded log. See all the data in seconds, even when the keylogger is full.
  • the 4MB Keylogger records everything typed on a USB keyboard.
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick and easy national keyboard layout to support all major language keyboards (except double-character Asian languages). Defaults to English.
  • Small enough to allow most USB cables to be inserted in the adjacent USB port
  • Unlike some models that look similar, these work with both full-speed or low-speed USB Keyboards.


Simply plug the 4MB Keylogger in between your keyboard connector and computer's USB port.

Retrieving Data:

When you want to see what your child has been typing, simply open any word processing program and type in your password. A simple menu will be displayed on the screen.

General Use:

Since it stores keystrokes in a non-volatile memory chip you can record on one computer, unplug it, then read it out on another computer. When you are ready to see what the 4MB Keylogger has recorded, type in your password and choose the "view memory" option.

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