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12V USB Car Charger
140-Hour Voice-Activated Pen Recorder
144-Hour Voice-Activated USB Audio Recorder 4GB
240-Hour Magnetic GPS Tracker for MAC & Windows
30-Day GPS Logger Motion Activated
40-Hour USB-Drive Voice Recorder
576-Hour Pen Voice Recorder 4GB
576-Hour Voice-Activated Audio Recorder
64-Hour HD Spy Camera Glasses
720P HD Hidden Camera Clock
720P HD Spy Pen Camera Recorder
90-Day HD Hidden Camera in a Smoke Detector
About Us
About Us
AC Adapter Camera
AC Adapter Covert Camera w/DVR and Motion Detection
AC Adapter DVR w/Hidden Camera in Cord
AC Adapter Hidden Camera and DVR HD
Acoustic Noise Generator
Air Purifier Hidden Camera
Air Purifier Hidden Nanny Camera
AJ-34 Audio Jammer Noise Generator
AJ-40 Rechargeable Audio Jammer
Alarm Clock Spy Camera DVR
All-in-One: DVR and HD Camera
Android Data Recovery Stick
Audio Monitoring & Surveillance Package
Audio Surveillance
Blackline GPS
Bluetooth Headset Hidden Camera
Book Hidden Camera
Bug Detectors
Button & Screw wired CCD Color Camera set
Call Recording
Camera Finders
Cassette Tape Telephone Recorder - Voice Activation
Cell Phone and GPS Signal Detector
Cell Phone Detector with Audio Masking
Chat Recovery Stick
CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit
CJ-7 White Noise Generator
Clock Radio Hidden Camera
Clock Radio Hidden Camera
Clock Radio Hidden Camera with Night Vision
CMS-15 Electronic Countermeasures Kit
Coat Hook Hidden Camera
Coffee Mug with Hidden Camera
Color Pinhole Camera with Microphone
Computer Monitoring
Contact Us
Conversation Protection
Countermeasure Sets
CounterTek Frequency Counter
CounterTek Protect 1207i Multi-Frequency Analyzer
Credit Card Size Bug Detector
DART Covert GPS Tracking Device
Data Recovery Stick
Data Recovery Stick for Android
DD1200 Professional Camera Finder
DD1203 Vibrating Bug Detector
DD1206 RF Wireless Signal Detector
DD3200 Mobioe Phone and GPS Detector
DDR-5300 2,465-Hour Auto Phone Recorder
Detect-Ear Professional Parabolic Microphone
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Diasonic 2500-Hour Voice and Phone Recorder
DP-19 Dual Purpose RF and IR Detector
Druid Conversation Protection System
DVR Clock
Economy Audio Recording Pen
Economy Bug Detector and Lens Finder
Electric Box Hidden Camera HD DVR
Enigma Recovery
Exit Sign Hidden Camera
Facebook Store
FlatTrack Ultra-Thin Live GPS Tracker
Forensic Data Recovery Kit for iPhone, Android & SIM
Forensic Digital Data Recovery Kit Pro
Forensic Investigation
Forus Electronics
FS-2 Automatic Phone Recorder Kit
FSC-1000 Automatic Phone Call Recorder with Caller ID
FSV-U2 Mobile Phone Call Recorder
Government Orders - Request a Quote
GPS Accesories
GPS Loggers
GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking Key II for Mac & Windows
Handbag Hidden Camera
Hardwire Kit for SilverCloud GPS Tracker
Hat Hidden Camera
HD 1080P Dashcam
HD Button Hidden Camera
HD DVR with Covert Button Camera
HD Handheld DVR with Color Button Camera
HD Hidden Camera in a Wall Clock
HD Hidden Camera Watch with Nightvision
HD Key Chain Spy Camera DVR
HD Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - Side Lens Model
HD Spy Camera with Night Vision
HD Spy Pen Camera with Motion Activated Recording
HD Spy Watch DVR with Nightvision
HD Stone Rock Hidden Camera DVR
Hidden Camera Alarm Clock w/NightVision
Hidden Camera Clock & Wireless DVR Kit
Hidden Camera Clock DVR
Hidden Camera Eyeglasses
Hidden Camera in a Motion Sensor
Hidden Camera Key Chain HD with WiFi and SD-Record
Hidden Camera Landscape Stone (for XtremeLife)
Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Bottom-View (for XtremeLife)
Hidden Camera Smoke Detector Side-View (for XtremeLife)
Hidden Camera Spy Pen Recorder
Hidden Camera Spy Wall Clock
Hidden Camera Tissue Box DVR
Hidden Camera Wall Clock (for XtremeLife)
Hidden Camera Weather Clock HD
Hidden Cameras
Hold Your Order for Pickup
Home DNA Paternity Test
i-gotU GT-120 GPS Tracker
InSite Semen Detection Kit
Internet Cameras
iPF-3 iPhone Forensic Recovery Kit
iPhone Recovery Stick
iTrail GPS Logger
iTrail GPS Logger Magnetic Case
iTrail GPS Tracker with Magnetic Case
Javelin 90-Day GPS Tracking Device
Key Chain HD Camera and DVR
KJB Security
Land Air Sea GPS Trackers and Loggers
Landline Recording Interface for Voice Recorders
Laser Microphone Protection Device
LawMate PV50 Pro-Grade Video DVR
LawMate PV50HD Covert Camera DVR
LD-5 Contact Microphone Listening System
LDM-5 USB Shotgun Microphone for Windows and Mac
Listening Devices
Live GPS Tracking Devices
LM Technologies
LS-5 Parabolic Microphone Kit
Magnetic Case for GPS Trackers
Magnetic GPS Tracker and Logger
Magnetic GPS Tracker w/80-Hour Runtime
Mantel Clock Hidden Camera
Mantel Clock Hidden Camera
MC-1 Micro HD Mini Spy Camera
MDV-1 Mini Spy Camera DVR
MemoQ MQ-77N Pen Voice Recorder
Micro SIM Adapter
Mini Spy Camera Pro HD
Mini Spy Cameras
Mini Touch DVR
Miniature Black & White Pinhole Cam Set
Mobile Action
Motion Sensor Hidden Camera DVR w/Nightvision
Motion Sensor with Hidden Camera
MV1 Voice and Phone Recorder
NG4000 Cell Phone Safe
NM-9 Bodily Fluid Detection Light
Omni Spectral Correlator
Open a Wholesale Account
ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator
ORION Tool Kit
Oscillating Fan with Hidden Camera and Nightvision
Outdoor Power Stake Hidden Camera HD
Paraben's Data Recovery Stick
Paraben's Fact Finder Stick
Paraben's iRecovery Stick for iPhone
Paraben's SIM Card Seizure
PCM-008 Executive Pen Voice Recorder
Pen Style RF Bug and GPS Detector
Personal RF Detector
Phone Hidden Camera DVR
Phone Monitoring
Phone Recording Adapter
Plant Hidden Camera
Pornography Detection Stick for Windows
Portable Paper and Screen Scanner
Power Cable Cord Camera
PR-5 Automatic Phone Recorder w/CID
Privacy Policy
Privacy Protection
Pro Pocket DVR and Camera Set
PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector DD804
Professional Pocket DVR
ProofPronto Brand Products
ProofPronto Voice-Activated Pen Voice Recorder
Rabbler Noise Generator
RD-10 Hidden Camera and Bug Finder
Recluse Black Box Hidden Camera DVR
REI CPM-700 Countersurveillance Probe
Reverse Peephole Viewer
Scopes & Scanners
SE-7 Mini Listening Device
Semen SPY Deluxe Kit
Semen SPY Sex Detection Kit
Shipping Information
SilverCloud Live GPS Tracker (Global Model)
SilverCloud Live GPS Tracker (USA Model)
SilverCloud Live Hawrdwired GPS Tracker
SilverCloud Sync GPS Tracker with OBD
SIM Recovery Pro II
Site Map
SleuthGear Defender 801 Counter Surveillance Device
SleuthGear Defender Simple
Smartphone Recovery Pro for iPhone
Smartphone Voice Recorder
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera & Wireless DVR Kit
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera - Side Lens
Smoke Detector Hidden Camera SD
Sound Pro-II Shotgun Microphone Listening System
Spy Gear
Spy USB Flash Drive Hidden Camera
Stick-On Power Outlet HD Hidden Camera
Tactical Headset Camera 550 - Wired
TD-17 Bug and Transmitter Detector
TD-62 Pro Bug and Transmitter Detector
Teddy Bear Hidden Camera (for XtremeLife)
Teddy Bear Hidden Camera DVR
Teddy Bear Hidden Spy Camera
Test Kits
Test Section
Three Hour Battery
Tie Clip Video Camera - Wired
Tissue Box Hidden Camera DVR
Tracking The World
Travel Mug Hidden Camera DVR
U7-HD Pro Spy Camera - 16GB
USB Data/Charging Cable for MemoQ MQ76 & MQ77
Video Pole Camera
Video Surveillance
Voice Recorders
VoiceKeeper Phone Security Device & Recorder
Wall Charger for MemoQ Recorders
Wall Clock Hidden Camera
Wall Outlet Hidden Camera
Weather Clock Cam
Weatherproof Magnetic Box for GPS Trackers
Wired Cameras
Wired Hidden Camera Sunglasses for DVRs
Wired Remote and Earbud Kit for MemoQ MQ76 and MQ77
Wireless Camera Hunter
Wireless Smoke Detector & LCD DVR Recorder (side lens)
XtremeLife Landscape Stone & Wireless DVR Kit
XtremeLife Teddy Bear Hidden Camera & DVR Kit
Zone Shield Night Vison Air Purifier

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check and obey all local, state, and federal laws when using security, surveillance or investigative equipment. All products are sold subject to all state and federal laws and regulations.

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