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Device Seizure 7 by Paraben

Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
Device Seizure 7 by ParabenDevice Seizure 7 by ParabenDevice Seizure 7 by ParabenDevice Seizure 7 by ParabenDevice Seizure 7 by Paraben
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Paraben's Device Seizure 7 is all new for 2015 and now provides logical & physical acquisition and analysis of 100% of Smartphone Operating Systems.

Device Seizure is a comprehensive mobile forensic solution that offers logical, physical, & file system extractions in one tool at a low price.

Device Seizure 7 is a mammoth release for Paraben and a total change from how Device Seizure has functioned in the past. DS 7 has automated the driver detection process for logical acquisitions of all types of devices. In addition, we still have a manual selection option for the pesky drivers that refuse to work well with your Windows system. With this release we have added support for 100% of Android operating systems, iOS operating systems, and BlackBerry operating systems. DS 7 is the next generation of mobile forensic tools and there are many new and innovated features in this release and future releases planned for 2015.

Device Seizure is an advanced mobile forensic extraction and analysis system. As the first commercial tool for mobile forensics, Device Seizure has over 10 years of development supporting logical and physical analysis of thousands of devices in one system. Device Seizure was built from the ground up as a forensic tool. This foundation remains the number one strength of Device Seizure - reliable forensic analysis. With analysis features such as logical and physical acquisitions, file system acquisitions, password bypassing, advanced data parsers, file viewers, Google Earth integration, a back end database for handling the large amounts of data contained in smart phones, and much more, investigators will be able to perform a completed examination and report on all data acquired.

What's New in DS 7:
  • A completely new modern looking interface including ribbons, improved layout, new graphics, improved options window, improved grids, acquisition wizard, etc.
  • Auto-detect in acquisition wizard now available. Now, you just connect your device and start an acquisition without having to load drivers or select drivers (manual options are still available as well.) This completes the integration of DDS into DS.
  • Support of Android logical acquisition of Android 5.0 & 5.0.1 Lollipop has been added
  • Support of Android 4.4 KitKat physical acquisitions has been added.
  • Support of Password protection removal for Android OS up to 4.1 has been added.
  • SMS and iMessages acquisition for iOS devices has been improved. Now, links to attachments (like sound attachments) are included.
  • Call History parsing for iOS 8.x devices has been improved. Now more information about the calls is available.
  • iOS acquisitions have become faster.
  • Cell/Wi-Fi locations parsing for iOS 6–7 jailbroken devices has been added.
  • Notes parsing for iOS 7 devices has been added.
  • Device properties parsing from the iPhone backup has been added.
  • New drivers have been added to the driver pack (such as drivers for Nexus 4, LG G3, HTC, etc.).
  • Pre-Release of Windows 10 support!
  • Support of Huawei Ascend II
  • Support of Kindle Fire

  • BlackBerry 10 backup import has been added. It includes the following features:
  • Decryption of encrypted backups.
  • RIM BlackBerry 10 backup data parsing (SMS, Call logs, Notes, Calendar, etc.)
  • Application list parsing.
  • Application data parsing (WhatsApp, Skype, BB Messenger, Evernote).

  • Point-2-Point technology has been integrated into Device Seizure™ converting GPS data coordinates to specific points viewable in Google Earth so investigators can quickly and easily find relevant locations.

    With a $2,495 price that includes SMS for 1 year and cables, Device Seizure is affordable (only $499 a year to maintain the software after the first year)
  • Logical & Physical Extractions: No need to buy two expensive tools for logical and physical acquisitions
  • 2 Times the Value: The value of two tools for one price: get Link2 for visual link analysis of device data
  • Flexible: You can run Device Seizure on any platform...the flexibility of a software solution lets you choose the tablet, laptop, computer, or even kiosk of your choice
  • Smart: The smartest data parsing engines for mobiles available with constant development of new parsers for your mobile data

  • Features:
    Depending on the Device and the Model, Device Seizure™ can Access the Following Data:
    • Current Text Messages
    • Deleted Text Messages
    • Phonebook (from the phone’s memory and the SIM card)
    • Call History including Received, Dialled and Missed Calls
    • Datebook, Scheduler, and Calendar
    • To-Do Lists
    • The Device’s Filesystem
    • System Files
    • Pictures and Videos
    • Java Files
    • Quicknotes
    • GPS Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes
    • RAM/ROM
    • PDA Databases
    • E-mail
    • Registry (Windows Mobile Devices)
    • Deleted Data

  • Device Seizure License
  • Device Seizure Hardware
  • Link2 License
  • 1 Year Subscription

  • Device Seizure includes the data cables and accessories necessary for mobile forensics. Device Seizure was designed to work with standard device data cables and includes a carrying case with plenty of room for you to expand your cable collection.


    Device Seizure includes a toolbox of cables and hardware. You will receive cables that work with most of the phones on the market today. You will also receive a StrongHold Bag, power adaptors, and a remote charger.


    This product includes a one year subscription to updates. An additional year’s subscription can be added during the check-out process.


    As new cables are added to the Device Seizure package they will automatically be sent to active subscription holders.

    Driver Pack:

    Device Seizure relies upon the original manufacturer drivers to maintain forensic integrity. A compiled drivers pack along with other useful driver downloads is included.

    Device Seizure is designed to work with standard data cables and includes a carrying case with room to expand your cable collection. When you purchase Device Seizure you will receive a one year subscription for software and cables. As new cables are added to the toolbox, Paraben automatically ships these new cables to you as long as your subscription remains current.

    Please note that the supported model list below is not comprehensive. The included cables and charging tips will support more models as they are released and Device Seizure itself supports thousands of devices.

    When you purchase the Device Seizure, you will receive a free one year subscription for software and cables. This means that as new cables are added to the toolbox, we will automatically ship these new cables to you throughout the year.

    Now Supports Over 4,000 Handheld Devices

    Device Seizure can forensically acquire data for thousands of handheld devices. It uses an expandable plug-in system architecture for specific types of devices. Below is a chart showing the many different plug-ins for Device Seizure with links to the specific types of devices and data each plug-in supports.

    Please Note: Logical plug-ins read data from phones by using the phone's operation system service function. Physical plug-ins allow the acquisition of flash dumps from phones with additional data parsing.

    • Processor: 1.4Ghz+
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • Hard Drive Space: 200 MB
    • Windows (any version)
    • Supports both 32 & 64 Bit OS

    Device Seizure 7 by Paraben
    Price: $2,995.00
    Sale Price: $2,495.00
    Forensic Digital Data Recovery Kit Pro
    Price: $885.75
    Sale Price: $599.00
    Forensic Data Recovery Kit for iPhone, Android & SIM
    Paraben's Fact Finder Stick
    Price: $249.00
    Sale Price: $199.00

    It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check and obey all local, state, and federal laws when using security, surveillance or investigative equipment. All products are sold subject to all state and federal laws and regulations.

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