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SIM Recovery Pro II

SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro II
SIM Recovery Pro IISIM Recovery Pro IISIM Recovery Pro IISIM Recovery Pro II
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Item# A2L-SRP2
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The SIM Recovery Pro II Recovers Deleted Text Messages, Call Logs and Contacts from Cell Phone SIM Cards. As seen on NBC's Today Show.

The SIM Recovery Pro II™ is a hardware and software kit that allows users to view data from a wide range of cell phone SIM cards. Simply place the phone's SIM card into the USB reader, plug the reader into a Windows computer, and run the included software. Recover, view and save current and deleted SIM card information with no forensic data recovery knowledge required.

SIM Recovery Pro II also works great as a personal backup device. Backup contacts, calls and text messages to a readable file on your computer or any other digital storage device. This is a must have if you need to transfer mobile phone data to a new SIM card.

  • Recover Deleted Text Messages
  • View the Last 10 Numbers Dialed
  • View, Save, and Print SIM Card Data
  • Transfer Data from One SIM Card to Another
  • Edit SIM Card Information on your Computer
  • Backup Phone Numbers and Text Messages
  • Runs on Windows (any version)
  • Second Generation USB SIM Card Reader
  • SIM Recovery Pro II Data Recovery Software CD
  • User's Guide

How far back in time can the SIM Recovery PRO II recover deleted text messages?

When you delete a text message from your phone, the text message is still recoverable until it is overwritten by a new message. Most SIM cards hold 64k / 128k of information, which is the equivalent of 64,000 / 128,000 characters an awful lot of text. The SIM Recovery PRO will show you everything that has not yet been overwritten on the card. While it's impossible to determine exactly how far back you will be able to go, you can get an idea by considering the amount of text messages that are sent on a regular basis. If you send a few short texts per day, you may be able to go back months or even years. If you send hundreds of texts every day, you may not be able to go back very far.

Will the SIM Recovery PRO work with Sprint or Verizon phones?

No. The majority of Sprint and Verizon phones do not use SIM cards.

Will the SIM Recovery PRO with with smartphones like iPhone and Blackberry?

Yes and no. The SIM Recovery PRO will typically recover the address book (contact) and call information from smartphones, but usually not text messages. This is because most of these phones store the text messages on internal memory rather than on the SIM card.

Can you guarantee the SIM Recovery PRO will work with my particular phone?

The SIM Recovery PRO has been tested with hundreds of phones, but there are thousands on the market, so neither we nor the manufacturer can guarantee it will recover data from every SIM card used in every phone.

Can I recover deleted pictures?

No, the SIM Recovery PRO cannot recover deleted pictures.

How long does it take to recover data from a SIM card?

n most cases, data recovery takes around 1-2 minutes.

Can I uninstall the software when I'm done recovering my data?

Absolutely. Just use the included uninstaller to remove the software entirely from your computer.

Can I use the SIM Recovery PRO with more than one computer?

As long as you remove the software from the previous computer, you are free to use the SIM Recovery PRO and it's software on multiple computers.

Can I save or print the information I recover?

Yes, the SIM Recovery PRO software gives you the options to save and/or print the data you recover.

Can I return the SIM Recovery PRO if it does not recover what I'm looking for?

If the SIM Recovery PRO tests defective, we will replace the product with a new one at no charge to you. However, there are no refunds on the SIM Recovery PRO. This is because of the potential for abuse a user could potentially recover the data they need, then return the device for a refund.


Due to the extensive range of mobile phone handsets and the way these handsets manage SMS text messages, we can not guarantee that our product will recover all data from every SIM card.

If a SIM has been locked with a SIM PIN, you will have to know the PIN Code in order for this to work. (Most users will lock their phone and NOT the SIM, so this should not pose a problem). In addition, some newer phones perform a permanent delete on the sms text messages and these will NOT be recoverable. There is no way of knowing this in advance, and is something you will have to try on a trial and error basis.

The SIM Recovery Pro device is not intended for illegal use or for causing harm. Product should only be used to recover data from SIM cards used in devices that are owned by the user.

This product includes one year free software updates and a 90-day exchange warranty against manufacturing defects. Data recovery and software/media products are nonrefundable.

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